What is the Most Durable Flooring?

If you are searching for the most durable flooring, look no further than The Fricks Company. For over 30 years Fricks has created durable flooring options to meet any facility’s commercial and industrial flooring needs. So, what is the most durable flooring? The answer is the flooring made by Fricks.

Fricks’s durable flooring can be found all over the world in such places as the United States, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, and a large number of islands. This shows that their customers recognize that The Fricks Company creates the most durable flooring in the business. Fricks has also won 26 Golden Trowel awards, and other various awards for quality and safety that show that the flooring industry recognizes the quality flooring Fricks creates as well. The concretes unique features of mix design, sub-grade, and rebar create unique flooring options that will enhance any commercial or industrial facility. Fricks’ goal is to surpass their customer’s expectations, and to deliver the most durable flooring available.

What Is The Most Durable Flooring and Why Fricks is the leader in the industry?

How does The Fricks Company answer the question of what is the most durable flooring? The answer is that they build their floors to withstand the heaviest forklift traffic in any industrial or commercial facility. Their flooring is as abrasion and impact resistant to extend the lifespan of an industrial or commercial facility’s floors. Fricks’ flooring is so durable, that they last 10 times longer than traditional concrete flooring by other companies. This enables facilities to generate cost savings over the entire life of the facility, and extends the life of operating equipment as well.

Fricks’ FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating floors feature greater surface durability to withstand heavy traffic damage. There is also the unique durability provided by the FMT Surface Monolithic Traprock. This dry shake aggregate surface hardener can be applied to several different flooring systems to extend the life of the floor. Construction and control joints are also more durable, and can easily withstand the impact of forklift traffic. Each Fricks’ flooring solution features an amazing amount of lasting durability to fit any industrial flooring needs.

What is the most durable flooring? Contact a Fricks Representative to find out the answer for your flooring needs.


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