The Best Floor Contractors

The Frick Company is one of the best floor contractors in the business. For over 30-years they have distributed their quality flooring solutions to companies all over the world, in places like the United States, Canada, South America, and the Caribbean, that are looking for heavy-traffic flooring for their commercial and industrial needs. This includes facilities that require heavy fork lift use continuously around the clock, such as warehouses, food and beverage distribution facilities, and many other facilities that can benefit from their custom flooring. This commitment to providing quality products is what has made Fricks stand out among a large number of floor contractors.

Their use of specialized mix patterns, configurations, sub-grad, and rebar creates flooring solutions that are 10 times stronger than traditional concrete flooring used by other floor contractors. The Fricks Company tests their product meticulously to guarantees that it meets their exceptional standards both before, and during the process. This ensures that they provide their customers with a durable product that outshines concrete slabs used by other floor contractors.

The Fricks Company offers a wide variety of flooring options to meet any commercial or industrial need. One of these options is the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor which contains 90% fewer joints than traditional flooring options. There is no curling to mar the floor’s surface, and it features a greater surface durability than its counterparts. Fricks floor contractors also use the FDT Dewatered Traprock Floor that provides the highest level of abrasion and impact resistance available in a concrete floor. These floor contractors also created the FMT Surface Monolithic Traprock Floor system which is a great fir for facilities with excessive fork lift traffic. This surface hardener extends the life of the floor by providing outstanding abrasion and impact resistance.

The SFS Superflat Floor is a great choice for heavy fork lift traffic areas in warehouses and carriage systems that contain narrow aisles or structures. These are simply a few of the durable flooring options that Fricks floor contractors have to offer in addition to the FPS ASRS Precision Slab, and the FDF Durable Floor Finish.

Please contact a Fricks Representative to discover which flooring option and products are right for you.


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