Seamless Concrete Designs

Even though The Fricks Company has been the recipient of the Golden Trowel award 26 times, they continue to create uniquely innovative flooring for any industrial or commercial facility’s needs. Their seamless concrete designs are well known throughout the concrete flooring industry for their quality and durability. Their seamless concrete design starts with an optimized concrete mix design that utilizes expansive cement. The designs are then tested on-site and adjusted until the correct expansion and strength are reached for their seamless concrete. Fricks works closely with the ready-mix provider to ensure the most effective concrete mix possible, ensuring that there are no mistakes, and their seamless concrete is flawless when applied to industrial or commercial flooring.

A Level of Quality BEYOND the Golden Trowel

Because the Golden Trowel award only looks at “flatness” and “levelness” to determine superiority, Fricks goes beyond these attributes to make their durable, seamless concrete flooring stand out among the competition. The Fricks Company has created flooring that is 10 times stronger that traditional concrete flooring. It is also abrasion and impact resistant to extend the life of their seamless concrete flooring. The durability of Fricks’ flooring lowers the cost of a facility’s machine upkeep and maintenance, and increases overall productivity in production and distribution facilities.

Fricks offers a variety of seamless concrete flooring solutions for both industrial and commercial flooring needs. These include: the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating Floor, the FDT Dewatered Traprock Topping, the FMT Monolithic Traprock Surface, the FSF Superflat Defined Traffic seamless concrete Floor, and the Conventional FDF Durable Finish Floor. Each set of seamless flooring surpasses the level of quality and durability found in any other seamless concrete flooring.

Contact a Fricks Representative today, and discover what seamless flooring can do for you.


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