Concrete Floors

With 26 Golden Trowel awards for flatness and levelness, the Fricks Company continues to provide its customers with quality industrial concrete floors to meet all their commercial flooring needs. For over three decades, The Fricks Company has created industrial concrete floors for facilities that require heavy fork lift traffic. These innovative flooring solutions have been used by Fricks’ customers all over the world, in places such as the united States, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, and many other locations world wide. These durable concrete floors are used in a large number of warehouses, processing facilities, and distribution facilities, in addition to a number of commercial and industrial facilities as well. Fricks has also been the recipient of the “Contractor of the Decade” award. This award is only given to contractors that have an exceptional grasp of the innovative techniques used in the creation of industrial concrete floors. The decades of knowledge Fricks has accumulated allows them to create uniquely exceptional industrial concrete floors to fit all the industrial and commercial needs of their clients.

The industrial concrete floors Fricks uses in facilities are 10 times stronger and more durable than any of the traditional industrial concrete floors used by other contractors. These industrial concrete

floors are also abrasion and impact resistant to ensure that their industrial concrete floors maintain their durability.

Fricks has created an assortment of durable concrete flooring products in order to meet the demands of facilities that require the use of heavy fork lift traffic continuously. Some examples of these include the FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensating floor, which features a 90% reduction in joint usage than traditional industrial concrete floors. These floors hold up easily against heavy fork lift traffic. Another example of the durable industrial concrete floors Fricks creates is their most durable flooring to date, the FDT Topping Dewatered Traprock system. It provides the highest level of abrasion and impact resistance available for concrete floor slabs. These are just two of the exceptional industrial concrete floor choices available to Fricks’ customers. Contact a Fricks Representative to find out more about our industrial concrete floors.


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